Low Glycemic Index foods

It is important to realize that glycemic index is not the mere aspect, which you should take into account while selecting food stuffs for your menu. Moreover, the low glycemic index of a food item does not signify that it belongs to a healthy diet and you can afford it in a big quantity. Do not forget about vitamins, microelements and mineral substances.

Just for instance: crisps possess a lower glycaemic index than oat flakes and the same as legumina. However, oat flakes and legumina are richer in nourishers.

For dietary regimen: Eat more fruits, vegetables, greens, beans. Whole grains, nuts, roots are also very useful. As they all are low glycemic index foods. Eat less food stuffs with high glycemic index: white bread and rice, potatoes, sweet food stuffs like pastry, candy, sweet beverages.

Of course, you can go on eating high glycemic index dishes, but take them in a smaller serves and complete them with low glycemic index food stuffs.

Low glycemic index foods

Food List Food Glycemic Index
Pound cake 54
Soya milk 30
Apple juice41
Carrot juice45
Pineapple juice46
Grapefruit juice 48
Orange juice52
Multi grain bread 48
Whole grain 50
All-Bran 42
Porridge, non instant 49
Pearl barley 25
Rye 34
Wheat kernels 41
Rice, instant 46
Rice, parboiled 48
Barley, cracked 50
Yogurt Low- fat (sweetened) 14
Milk, chocolate 24
Milk, whole 27
Milk, Fat-free 32
Milk ,skimmed 32
Milk, semi-skimmed 34
Ice-cream (Low- fat) 50
Cherries 22
Grapefruit 25
Apricots (dried) 31
Apples 38
Pears 38
Plums 39
Peaches 42
Oranges 42
Grapes 46
Kiwi fruit 53
Bananas 54
Spaghetti, protein enriched 27
Fettuccine 32
Vermicelli 35
Spaghetti, whole wheat 37
Ravioli, meat filled 39
Spaghetti, white 41
Macaroni 45
Carrots, cooked 39
Yam 51
Sweet potato 54
Peanuts 15
M&Ms (peanut) 32
Snickers bar 40
Chocolate bar; 30g 49
Jams and marmalades 49
Crisps 54
Tomato soup, tinned 38
Lentil soup, tinned 44
Artichoke 15
Asparagus 15
Broccoli 15
Cauliflower 15
Celery 15
Cucumber 15
Eggplant 15
Green beans 15
Lettuce, all varieties 15
Lowfat yogurt, artificially sweetened 15
Peppers, all varieties 15
Snow peas 15
Spinach 15
Young summer squash 15
Tomatoes 15
Zucchini 15
Soya beans, boiled 16
Peas, dried 22
Kidney beans, boiled29
Lentils green, boiled29
Haricot beans, boiled38
Black-eyed beans 41
Chickpeas, tinned42
Baked beans, tinned48
Kidney beans, tinned 52
Lentils green, tinned52

Glycemic index food list

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