Energy value of food or calorific food value is the energy, which is extracted in our organism from food. It is measured in kilocalories (in kcal) or kilojoules (in kJ) calculated per 100 g. The nutritional value – the content of carbohydrates, fats and proteins – is also indicated per 100 grams of each food stuff. See data on calorific value of alphabetized food stuffs in the table below.
The table below shows calorie values for foods starting with W.

ItemServingFat (g)Calories
Waffle: frozen, 4" square1 each382
Waffle: homemade, 4" square1 each6107
Waffle: homemade, 7" diam1 each14252
Waldorf salad:
with nonfat mayo
1/2 cup370
Waldorf salad:
with reduced calorie mayo
1/2 cup9108
Waldorf salad:
with regular mayo
1/2 cup16168
Water chestnuts, canned1/2 cup034
Watercress1/2 cup02
Watermelon, 1/4 of 10" diam x 1" slice1 slice039
Whipped cream (31% fat),
1 Tbsp222
Whipping cream, not whipped1 Tbsp544
Whipped toppings, non-dairy1 Tbsp113
White sauce:
with skim milk
1/4 cup687
White sauce:
with whole milk
1/4 cup8103
Wine, red or white table 3 fl oz062
Wonton, with meat, fried 1 3/4" square1 each374
Worcestershire sauce1 Tbsp010