Clinical investigations proved, that counting of calories is of great importance for a successful weight loss. If you want to reduce your body mass, your metabolic cost must exceed the energy of consumed calories. In the table below, find calorific value of all familiar food stuffs and dishes per certain letter of the alphabet including calorific value of dishes of fast food from known retail chains.
The table below shows calorie values for foods starting with Q.

ItemServingFat (g)Calories
Quesadilla, cheese, with regular cheddar1 each10199
Quiche, with crust, 9" diam:
plain, skim milk, reduced fat
Swiss cheese, Eggbeaters®
1/8 pie13231
Quiche, with crust, 9" diam:
plain, whole milk, regular Swiss cheese, eggs
1/8 pie20289
Quiche, with crust, 9" diam:
1/8 pie24342
Quinoa1/2 cup179