Energy value of food or calorific food value is the energy, which is extracted in our organism from food. It is measured in kilocalories (in kcal) or kilojoules (in kJ) calculated per 100 g. The nutritional value – the content of carbohydrates, fats and proteins – is also indicated per 100 grams of each food stuff. See data on calorific value of alphabetized food stuffs in the table below.
The table below shows calorie values for foods starting with K.

ItemServingFat (g)Calories
Kiwi1 med046
Knish, potato, 2" diam1 each378
Kool-Aid®, regular, prepared1 cup092
with cheese, 3" diam, folded
1 each156
with meat, 2" square, folded
1 each122
Kugel1 cup9257
Kumquats5 pcs060