How to cut calories

100 Quick tips how to cut 100 calories. Are you going to lose a pound per week? Therefore, burn 3500 calories. See 100 tips for your calories` intake cutting in order to have an energy balance, which is extremely important here. It is performed by keeping harmony between the energy consumed and the food taken. To prevent overweight, you should opt for the following: do 2000 extra steps a day; reduce your menu on 100 calories a day, taking small serves. Nothing is hard here, just select your preferred variants and stick to them, keeping your energy balance.

How to cut calories

Select nonfat or 1% milk instead of whole milk
Use a small glass for juice and a small bowl for cereal
Savor a bowl of bananas, berries, low-fat milk, and sugar substitute
Substitute no-calorie sweetener for sugar in your coffee, tea, and cereal
Choose light yogurt made with no-calorie sweetener
Substitute no-sugar-added jelly or jam for the sugar-rich varieties
Spread your muffin, bagel, or toast with 2 tablespoons of fat-free cream cheese in place of regular
Split a bagel with someone or wrap up the other half for tomorrow
Use a nonstick skillet and cooking spray in place of butter to prepare your eggs
Select lean ham or Canadian bacon
Fill omelets with mushrooms, onions, peppers, and spinach instead of cheese and meat
Lighten up omelets and scrambled eggs with four egg whites or 1/2 cup egg substitute
Trade regular butter for light whipped or low-calorie butter substitute

Try a veggie burger
Prepare tuna or chicken salad with fat-free mayonnaise
Grill your sandwich using nonstick cooking spray instead of butter
Stuff a pita pocket with more fresh vegetables, less meat, and less cheese
Pick water-packed tuna instead of tuna packed in oil
Wrap romaine and sprouts with smoked ham or turkey in a tortilla
Make your sandwich with light, whole-wheat bread
Skim the fat off soups, stews, and sauces before serving
Put lettuce, tomato, onions, and pickles on your burger or sandwich instead of cheese
Select soft taco size (6-8”) flour tortillas instead of the larger burrito size
Choose 1% cottage cheese in place of regular
Substitute fat-free sour cream in recipes
Enjoy your salad without the croutons
Substitute 2 tablespoons reduced-calorie salad dressing for regular
Trim all fat from beef, pork, and chicken (also remove the skin from chicken)
Use low-fat margarine
Bake, broil, or grill chicken and fish rather than frying
Limit meat portions to 3-4 ounces (the size of a deck of cards)
Customize spaghetti sauce with fresh green peppers, zucchini, mushrooms, and onions instead of adding meat
Turn a mixed green or spinach salad into a main dish with grilled chicken, almonds, and blueberries, apples, or strawberries
Reduce cooked rice and pasta by 1/2 cup
Grill portabello mushrooms as a main or side dish in place of meat
Use 1 tablespoon less butter, oil, or margarine in your recipes
Reduce the amount of cheese in casseroles and appetizers
Season steamed veggies with fresh lemon and herbs
Use vegetable cooking spray and nonstick cookware instead of butter, margarine, or oil
Omit or use half the amount of butter, margarine, or oil in macaroni and cheese, rice, pasta, and stuffing
Leave three or four bites on your plate
Eat slowly to make your meal last and reduce your urge for second helpings

Satisfy your sweet tooth with a sliver, bite, or taste of dessert instead of a full portion
Make your own root beer float with sugar-free root beer and sugar-free, fat-free ice cream
Have a single dip of ice cream in a cup instead of on a cone
Choose your piece of cake from the middle where there’s less icing
Top angel food cake with berries instead of icing or chocolate sauce
Freeze blended fresh fruit into a sorbet
Select a cupcake rather than a standard slice of cake
Dish up slow-churned reduced calorie ice cream in place of regular
Enjoy seasonal fresh fruit instead of custard or pudding
Choose apple, blueberry, or peach over pecan or cream pie
Follow the low-fat directions when preparing brownie, cake, and cookie mixes
Share your dessert with someone else
Cut a half slice of cake or pie
Substitute half the oil in baking recipes with applesauce

Freeze grapes or watermelon wedges for a popsicle-like treat
Blend a smoothie made from no fat yogurt, skim milk, and fresh fruit
Choose 4 ounces of sugar-free yogurt in place of an 8 ounce container
Control your portions by pouring one serving of pretzels or chips in a bowl instead of eating from the bag
For a colorful snack, mix fruit in a no-sugar gelatin
Try hummus with pita wedges
Enjoy canned fruit packed in water or natural juices instead of heavy syrup
Pick a small piece of fruit (apple, peach, orange) the size of a tennis ball or eat half a bigger piece of fruit
Make kabobs with fresh fruit and reduced-fat cheese
Dip celery in lite cream cheese, apples in low-fat caramel, fruit in a yogurt/orange juice mix, or veggies in low fat dressing
Try 1/2 cup fresh fruit in place of 1/2 cup dried fruit
Eat just one of the granola/snack bars and share the other or save it for later
Have one less handful of mixed nuts
Satisfy your chocolate craving by opting for one small fun size candy bar
Munch on a small bag of microwave popcorn with no added butter
Replace cookies with cubed and whole fresh fruit kabobs

Substitute diet soda for regular
Pay attention to serving sizes, some cans and bottles contain two or more servings
Select diet flavored iced tea
Quench your thirst with bottled water instead of soda from the vending machine
Opt for small or medium drinks instead of large
Have 1 cup of low-fat (1%) chocolate milk instead of whole milk with chocolate syrup
Lighten up your favorite coffee drink by requesting nonfat milk and using half the sugar or flavored syrup
Choose no sugar added fruit juices
Replace just 8 ounces of soft drink, fruit juice, or fruit beverage with water
Drink light beer instead of regular and limit yourself to one or two
Request diet mixers (cola, tonic water, and ginger ale) for drinks
Choose light beer or wine instead of frozen or fruit-based alcoholic drinks

How to cut calories when dining out

Request the bread basket be removed from the table as you sit down
Ask for a cup of soup rather than a bowl
Select minestrone or other broth-based soups over cream-based soups
Ask for salad dressing and sauce on the side—dip to enjoy the flavor but leave most of it behind
Order a vinaigrette dressing rather than a mayonnaise-based dressing
Request your salad without croutons and cheese
Substitute steamed veggies for potato, rice, or pasta side dishes
Select an appetizer as your main dish—add a soup, salad, or vegetable side dish
Choose a healthy option designated by a symbol on the menu
Use fresh lemon to season fish instead of tartar sauce
Choose a side salad instead of fries when ordering fast food
Skip the super-size promotions
Select grilled chicken in place of breaded and fried
Try a low calorie frozen pizza instead of your usual take-out
Skip the free chips with your sandwich or sub order
Select grilled chicken in place of breaded and fried