Glycemic index food list

Glycemic index has its digit quantity. This information helps you to understand the speed of food stuffs carbohydrates transformation into glucose. Two food items with similar quantity of carbs can represent different glycemic load number.

The lowest digit quantity means the smallest influence of a food item on your BSL (blood sugar level). Let`s check yours according to the data below:
55 or less = Low
56- 69 = Medium
70 or higher = High

Glycemic index is indicated on tags of packed food stuffs. There is a glycemic index food list as well.

Food stuffs, which are used in their fresh, natural state, usually possess a lower glycemic index as distinguished from purified or heavily processed ones. Cooking. Bring to notice that acids, mash, fat reduce the glycaemic  index. If you cook starches (as for example, white rice or potato) too long, this levels up their glycemic index. Ripening. The glycaemic index of some fruits levels up in proportion to their ripening. Serving size is also important. Thus, a big serve influences your BSL in a greater degree.

Glycemic index food list

Food List Rating Food Glycemic Index
Pound cake Low54
Danish pastry Medium59
Muffin (unsweetened) Medium62
Cake, tart Medium65
Cake, angel Medium67
Croissant Medium67
Waffles High 76
Doughnut High 76
Soya milk Low 30
Apple juiceLow 41
Carrot juiceLow 45
Pineapple juiceLow 46
Grapefruit juice Low 48
Orange juiceLow 52
Digestives Medium 58
Shortbread Medium 64
Water biscuits Medium 65
Ryvita Medium 67
Wafer biscuits High 77
Rice cakes High 77
Multi grain bread Low 48
Whole grain Low 50
Pita bread, white Medium 57
Pizza, cheese Medium 60
Hamburger bun Medium 61
Rye-flour bread Medium 64
Whole meal bread Medium 69
White bread High 71
White rolls High 73
Baguette High 95
All-Bran Low 42
Porridge, non instant Low 49
Oat bran Medium 55
Muesli Medium 56
Mini Wheats (wholemeal) Medium 57
Shredded Wheat Medium 69
Golden Grahams High 71
Puffed wheat High 74
Weetabix High 77
Rice Krispies High 82
Cornflakes High 83
Pearl barley Low 25
Rye Low 34
Wheat kernels Low 41
Rice, instant Low 46
Rice, parboiled Low 48
Barley, cracked Low 50
Rice, brown Medium 55
Rice, wild Medium 57
Rice, white Medium 58
Barley, flakes Medium 66
Taco Shell Medium 68
Millet High 71
Yogurt Low- fat (sweetened) Low 14
Milk, chocolate Low 24
Milk, whole Low 27
Milk, Fat-free Low 32
Milk ,skimmed Low 32
Milk, semi-skimmed Low 34
Ice-cream (Low- fat) Low 50
Ice-cream Medium 61
Cherries Low 22
Grapefruit Low 25
Apricots (dried) Low 31
Apples Low 38
Pears Low 38
Plums Low 39
Peaches Low 42
Oranges Low 42
Grapes Low 46
Kiwi fruit Low 53
Bananas Low 54
Fruit cocktail Medium 55
Mangoes Medium 56
Apricots Medium 57
Apricots (tinned in syrup) Medium 64
Raisins Medium 64
Pineapple Medium 66
Watermelon High 72
Spaghetti, protein enriched Low 27
Fettuccine Low 32
Vermicelli Low 35
Spaghetti, whole wheat Low 37
Ravioli, meat filled Low 39
Spaghetti, white Low 41
Macaroni Low 45
Spaghetti, durum wheat Medium 55
Macaroni cheese Medium 64
Rice pasta, brown High 92
Carrots, cooked Low 39
Yam Low 51
Sweet potato Low 54
Potato, boiled Medium 56
Potato, new Medium 57
Potato, tinned Medium 61
Beetroot Medium 64
Potato, steamed Medium 65
Potato, mashed Medium 70
Chips High 75
Potato, micro waved High 82
Potato, instant High 83
Potato, baked High 85
Parsnips High 97
Peanuts Low 15
M&Ms (peanut) Low 32
Snickers bar Low 40
Chocolate bar; 30g Low 49
Jams and marmalades Low 49
Crisps Low 54
Popcorn Medium 55
Mars bar Medium 64
Table sugar (sucrose) Medium 65
Corn chips High 74
Jelly beans High 80
Pretzels High 81
Dates High 103
Tomato soup, tinned Low 38
Lentil soup, tinned Low 44
Black bean soup, tinned Medium 64
Green pea soup, tinned Medium 66
Artichoke Low 15
Asparagus Low 15
Broccoli Low 15
Cauliflower Low 15
Celery Low 15
Cucumber Low 15
Eggplant Low 15
Green beans Low 15
Lettuce, all varieties Low 15
Lowfat yogurt, artificially sweetened Low 15
Peppers, all varieties Low 15
Snow peas Low 15
Spinach Low 15
Young summer squash Low 15
Tomatoes Low 15
Zucchini Low 15
Soya beans, boiled Low 16
Peas, dried Low 22
Kidney beans, boiledLow 29
Lentils green, boiledLow 29
ChickpeasLow 33
Haricot beans, boiledLow 38
Black-eyed beans Low 41
Chickpeas, tinnedLow 42
Baked beans, tinnedLow 48
Kidney beans, tinned Low 52
Lentils green, tinnedLow 52
Broad beans High 79
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