Foods with high Glycemic Index

Glycemic index gives information concerning carbohydrate status of food stuffs. The BSL (blood sugar level) depends on it. Bring to notice that food stuffs, which have a high glycemic index, impact the BSL substantially. Alternatively, food stuffs with low glycemic index let know that your BSL will not be influenced much.

Glycemic index is extremely informative for people suffering from diabetes, as it can show if a food item can bring any problem with insulin release or not. In general, every person who takes care about his or her health and always bears in mind the BSL, should know about glycemic index of the consumable food. The high BSL is an alarm that you can put on weight and disturb your metabolic function.

Naturally, you should opt out of many food stuffs or reduce their consumption in order to level your BSL on the low mark and to keep a balanced metabolic function. Study the list of foods with high glycemic index and think twice before taking them regularly or even from time to time.

Foods with high glycemic index

Food List Food Glycemic Index
Waffles 76
Doughnut 76
Rice cakes, average82
Graham crackers74
Soda crackers74
Lucozade®, original (sparkling glucose drink)95
Wafer biscuits 77
Rice cakes 77
White bread 71
White rolls 73
Baguette 95
Bagel, white, frozen72
Kaiser roll73
Wonder® bread, average73
White wheat flour bread71
Golden Grahams 71
Puffed wheat 74
Weetabix 77
Rice Krispies 82
Cornflakes 83
Coco Pops®, average77
Cream of Wheat®, Instant (Nabisco)74
Grapenuts, average75
Instant oatmeal, average83
Puffed wheat, average80
White rice, average89
Millet 71
Watermelon 72
Rice pasta, brown 92
Chips 75
Potato, micro waved 82
Potato, instant 83
Potato, baked 85
Parsnips 97
Boiled white potato, average111
Corn chips 74
Jelly beans 80
Pretzels 81
Dates 103
Pretzels, oven-baked83
Pizza, plain baked dough, served with parmesan cheese and tomato sauce80
Broad beans 79

Glycemic index food list

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