Does fiber cause gas?

Everyone has intestinal gas and that is a good thing.  The normal amount of flatus passed each day depends on sex and what is eaten.  When the bacteria that make intestinal gases are growing it also means that other good bacteria are using the same fibers to grow and produce multiple health benefits, including the production of healthy short-chain fatty acids.  fiber and fartThese substances are produced quietly in the colon and produce many health-related outcomes.  The normal number of passes of gas or flatus is 10-20 times a day with men having more.

Soluble fiber should always be used in a gradual manner.  If too much is consumed at any one time, then excess, but harmless, intestinal gas can occur.  People with irritable bowel syndrome are particularly prone to bloating and mild cramping.  Soluble fiber in the diet or supplement should be used in small doses and increased gradually.  Finally, prebiotic fibers tend to cause the production of short-chain fatty acids which acidify the colon.  This in turn reduces or stops the growth of bacteria that make the smelly hydrogen sulfide gases that produce noxious flatus. People who consume many vegetables with prebiotics or take a prebiotic fiber supplement generally have non-odoriferous flatus.

Adding fiber to your diet too quickly can cause gas and bloating. Fiber works best when you drink plenty of liquids. If you are not drinking plenty of liquids, you may have constipation.

Foods high in dietary fiber


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