Daily calcium requirement

Calcium is important for strong teeth and bones.
It’s also needed for your heart, muscles and nerves to function properly. Many Americans don’t get enough calcium in their diets. However, calcium supplements can help prevent deficiencies that can lead to bone loss and the brittle bone disease osteoporosis — especially when taken regularly and combined with vitamin D. Calcium and vitamin D, taken in combination with prescribed medications, can also be used to help treat osteoporosis or low bone mineral density (osteopenia). Adequate Intake:
1,000 milligrams (mg)/day (adults ages 19 to 50); 1,200 mg/day (adults 51 and older and postmenopausal women of all ages). For the best absorption, limit supplemental doses to 500 to 600 mg at one time and space doses evenly throughout the day. If you have osteoporosis or early signs of bone thinning, your doctor may recommend you get more calcium than what’s typically recommended.

Daily calcium requirement

(c) mg/day
0 - 6 months300 (a)
400 (b)
7-11 months400
1-3 years 500
4-6 years600
7-9 years700
Males 10 - 18 years1,300 (d)
Females 10 - 18 years1,300
Males 19 - 65 years1,000
Females 19 - 50 years 1,000
Females 51 - 65 years1,300
Males 65 + years1,300
Females 65 + years1,300
First trimester
Second trimester
Third trimester
0-3 months
4-6 months
7-12 months

Notes – Minerals
(a)Human breast milk.
(b)Infant formula.
(c)The data used in developing calcium RNIs originate from developed countries, and there is controversy as to their appropriateness for developing countries. This notion also holds true for most nutrients, but based on current knowledge, the impact appears to be most marked for calcium.
(d)Particularly during the growth spurt.

Foods High in Calcium

Yogurt, low-fat1 cup415
Yogurt with fruit, low-fat1 cup315
Skim milk1 cup300
Light milk (1%)1 cup300
Low-fat milk1 cup298
Whole milk1 cup288
Swiss cheese1 oz270
Cheddar cheese1 oz205
Frozen yogurt1 cup200
Cream soup1 cup186
Pudding0,5 cup185
Ice cream1 cup180
Ice milk1 cup180
American cheese1 oz175
Custard0,5 cup150
Cottage cheese0,5 cup70
Cottage cheese, low-fat0,5 cup69
Collard greens, cooked0,5 cup110
Spinach, cooked0,5 cup90
Broccoli0,5 cup70
Tofu0,5 cup155
Dried beans, cooked0,5 cup50
Lima beans0,5 cup40