Healthy meals for kids

It is very important to habituate kids to proper nutrition since childhood, thus, they grow up healthy and active. The body of a child should obtain various nutrients that can be found in foods. Healthy eating for children is a balanced menu containing all the essential for the child’s body from doctors’ point of view. Below, we publish Meal pattern for kids (Ages: from 1 up to 12 years), where you can see examples of a healthy daily diet for your child in accordance with his/her age.

Meal pattern for kids (Ages 1 through 12 years) Continue reading →

Do i need supplements?

You can get your entire daily requirements of vitamin C by just popping a pill. You can get the same amount by eating a large orange. So which is better? In most cases, the orange is better. Whole foods — such as fruits, vegetables, grains and dairy products — have benefits you can’t find in a pill, including:
• Greater nutrition. Whole foods contain a variety of nutrients your body needs — not just one. Continue reading →

Using the Nutrition Facts label

Information on the Nutrition Facts food label can help you make wise food choices.
* Check the serving size. Use it as a guide to compare products and make better choices. The serving size information tells you how many servings are in one package.
* Look at the calories per serving. You can use the information about calories to compare foods. Continue reading →

Healthy eating plan

You might feel confused by all the conflicting information you hear about what to eat. But, in reality, a healthy eating plan can help you make wise food choices.

A healthy eating plan includes:

* fruits and vegetables
* whole grains
* fat-free or low-fat versions of milk, cheese, yogurt, and other milk products
* lean meats, poultry, fish, dry beans and peas, eggs, and nuts Continue reading →