Calories per serving chart

Everyone knows that energy density of various food stuffs is not even. Eating some food stuffs, we become plumper, than from the energy composition of the others. For example, potatoes, bread and lard are more calorific, than very useful salads. Below, you can check the amount of calories per serving chart. It is very convenient for diet forming for weight maintaining or loss. There are separate charts for Starches and Grains, Fruits, Vegetables, Meat & Meat Substitutes, Milk and Milk Products, Fats.

Starches and Grains: 80 calories per serving

FoodServing size
80 calories
Cereal, cooked (oatmeal, cream of wheat, rice, etc)0,5 cup
Cereal, dry varies, see box
Rice, cooked (white, brown)0,3 cup
Pasta, cooked (all kinds)0,5 cup
Beans, cooked or canned (all kinds)0,3 cup
Corn, cooked or canned0,5 cup
Corn meal (uncooked), matzo meal2 Tbsp
Peas (green), cooked or canned0,5 cup
Plantain (green,
mature), cooked
0,5 cup
Potato, baked1 small (3 oz)
Potato (boiled or steamed), dumplings, gnocchi0,5 cup
Spaghetti sauce or pasta sauce0,5 cup
Squash (acorn, butternut,
hubbard, or winter)
1 cup
Yam or sweet potato0,5 cup
Bread (whole wheat,
rye, white)
1 oz slice
Bagel0,5 small (1 oz)
Sandwich bun/roll (hamburger, hotdog, kaiser)0,5
Roll (dinner, hard)1 small
English muffin0,5
Pita pocket bread (6 to 8-inches across)0,5
Tortilla (6-inches corn or flour)1
Graham crackers (squares)3
Crackers (80 calories/serving)4-6
Pretzels (hard)0,75 oz
Popcorn (light or air popped)3 cups
Biscuit (2 ½ -inches)1
Chips-corn, taco, or tortilla1 oz
Potato chips10
Refried beans, canned0,25 cup
Rice (fried, Spanish)0,5 cup

Fruit: 60 calories per serving

FruitServing size
60 calories
Apple, raw (small)1
Applesauce (no sugar added)0,5 cup
Apricots, fresh/dried4 whole/8 halves
Banana (medium)0,5
Berries (raspberries, boysenberries, strawberries)1 cup
Berries (blackberries, blueberries)0,7 cup
Cantaloupe or honeydew melon1 cup
Cherries, raw (large)12
Fruit cocktail0,5 cup
Grapefruit (medium)0,5
Grapes (small)15
Kiwi (large)1
0,7 cup
Mango, fresh (small)½ 0,5
Orange (small)1
Papaya1 cup
Peach or pear (small)1
Pineapple, fresh0,7 cup
Plums, raw (small 2" diameter)2
Raisins2 Tbsp
Watermelon1,7 cup
Fruit Juices
Apple, orange, pineapple,
grapefruit (100%)
0,5 cup
Fruit Juices
Cranberry, grape, or prune
0,3 cup
Fruit Juices
Mixed 100% fruit juice
0,5 cup

Vegetables: 25 calories per serving

FoodServing Size
25 calories
1 cup raw or ½ cup cooked
Beans (green, waxed, snap, Italian)
Bean sprouts
Pea pods or snow peas
Squash (yellow, summer)
Tomato or vegetable juice
Water chestnuts

Meat & Meat Substitutes: 35-100+ calories per serving

FoodServing size
Very Lean-Lean (35-55 calories per serving)(35-55 calories per serving)
Cheese (with <3 grams fat per ounce)1 ounce
Chicken or turkey, skin
1 ounce
Cottage cheese (fat-free or low-fat)0,25 cup
Egg substitutes, plain0,25 cup
Egg whites2
Fish, fresh or frozen1 ounce
Game (duck or pheasant, skinless, venison, buffalo,
ostrich, goose)
1 ounce
Lean beef: extra lean ground round*,
roast* (chuck,
rib, rump), round, sirloin, steak* (cubed, flank,
porterhouse, T
bone), tenderloin*
* Select or choice cuts, trimmed of fa
1 ounce
Lean pork (Canadian bacon, ham, loin chop,
1 ounce
Shellfish (clams, crab,
lobster, shrimp, squid, octopus,
imitation shellfish)
1 ounce
Tuna or salmon, canned in water (very lean) or oil
0,25 cup
(75 calories per serving)
(75 calories per serving)
Beef (corned, ground, meatloaf, prime trimmed of fat,
short ribs, tongue)
1 ounce
Cheese (with 4-7 grams fat per ounce)1 ounce
Fish, any fried fish product1 ounce
Lamb (ground, rib roast)1 ounce
Pork (cutlet or shoulder roast)1 ounce
(100 calories per serving)
(100 calories per serving)
Turkey bacon 3 slices
Pork bacon2 slices
Cheese (regular)1 ounce
Hot dog (regular)1
Pork (ground, sausage, spare ribs)1 ounce
0,5 cup
Beans, cooked0,5 cup
Edamame0,5 cup
Peanut butter2 Tbsp
Peas, cooked: black
eyed and split peas
0,5 cup
Refried beans, canned0,5 cup
Tempeh0,5 cup
Tofu, light0,5 cup
Tofu0,5 cup

Milk and Milk Products: 90-170 calories per serving

FoodServing size
Low-fat Milk Products
(90-110 calories per serving)
(90-110 calories per serving)
Skim, ½ %, or 1% milk8 ounces
Low-fat or fat-free soy milk8 ounces
Buttermilk, low-fat8 ounces
Yogurt (non-fat, plain or artificially sweetened)0,7 cup
Reduced-fat Milk Products
(120-150 calories per serving)
(120-150 calories per serving)
2% milk8 ounces
Regular soy milk8 ounces
Yogurt (low-fat, plain or artificially sweetened)8 ounces
Whole Milk Products
(150-170 calories per serving)
(150-170 calories per serving)
Whole milk8 ounces
Goat's milk8 ounces
Yogurt (made from whole milk, regular or plain)8 ounces

Fats: 45 calories per serving

FoodServing size
45 calories
Unsaturated Fats
Avocado 2 Tbsp
Nuts (almonds or cashews)6 nuts
Nuts (peanuts)10 nuts
Nuts (pecons or walnuts)4 halves
Margarine, stick or tub1 tsp
Margarine, diet1 Tbsp
Mayonnaise, regular1 tsp
Mayonnaise, reduced calorie1 Tbsp
Pesto sauce2 tsp
Salad dressing1 Tbsp
Salad dressing, reduced calorie2 Tbsp
Oil (canola, corn, peanut, olive, safflower, soybean,
sesame, sunflower)
1 tsp
Olives, black8 large
Seeds (pumpkin, sunflower, sesame, whole flaxseed)1 Tbsp
Saturated Fats
Bacon 1 slice
Butter1 tsp
Chicken fat, pork fat, or beef fat1 tsp
Cream (half & half or whipped)2 Tbsp
Cream (light)1,5 Tbsp
Creamer (heavy)1 Tbsp
Cream cheese (regular)1 Tbsp
Cream cheese (light)1,5 Tbsp
Lard1 tsp
Non-dairy creamer, liquid2 Tbsp
Non-dairy creamer, powdered4 tsp
Sour cream (regular)2 Tbsp
Sour cream (light, reduced-fat)3 Tbsp