Calories in meat

Meat and poultry are a source of full-blown protein of animal origin, and thus, of irreplaceable amino acids. The presence of the sufficient amount of full-blown proteins in nutrition of children, adolescents, youths and girls, people actively going in for sports is especially important. Using our chart below, you will be able to check calories in meat of different types in a portion size and in 100 grams.

MeatsPortion size per 100 grams
(3.5 oz)
Bacon average fried250 cals (2 rashers)500 cals
Bacon average grilled150 cals380 cals
Beef (roast)300 cals280 cals
Beef burgers frozen320 cals280 cals
Chicken220 cals200 cals
Duck roast400 cals430 cals
Gammon320 cals280 cals
Ham240 cals240 cals
Kidney200 cals160 cals
Liver200 cals150 cals
Liver pate150 cals300 cals
Lamb (roast)300 cals300 cals
Luncheon meat300 cals400 cals
Pheasant roast200 cals200 cals
Pork 320 cals290 cals
Pork pie320 cals450 cals
Rabbit200 cals180 cals
Sausage pork fried250 cals320 cals
Sausage pork grilled220 cals220 cals
Sausage roll290 cals480 cals
Steak & kidney pie400 cals350 cals
Turkey200 cals160 cals
Veal300 cals240 cals

Portion sizes will vary depending on the type and make of product purchased. Portion size is very often a subjective view and may again vary according to bowl, cup or plate size used.
Some values may not be accurate and should only be used for general comparison purposes.