Calories in cereals

Everyone had to hear about the use of cereals in the early childhood. Even having become adults, we do not hasten to say good-bye to many various dishes with cereals. Modern specialists speak of the use of different cereals for the human organism and confirm their diet properties. In the chart below, you will be able to check calories in cereals of different types in a portion size and in 100 grams.

CEREALSPortion size per 100 grams
(3.5 oz)
Cornflakes130 cals (35g)370 cals
Macaroni (boiled)238 cals (250g)95 cals
Muesli195 cals (50g)390 cals
Noodles (boiled)175 cals (250g)70 cals
Pasta ( normal boiled )330 cals (300g)110 cals
Pasta (wholemeal boiled )315 cals (300g)105 cals
Porridge oats (with water)193 cals (350g)55 cals
Potatoes (boiled)210 cals (300g)70 cals
Potatoes (roast)420 cals (300g)140 cals
Rice (white boiled)420 cals (300g)140 cals
Rice (egg-fried)500 cals200 cals
Rice ( Brown )405 cals (300g)135 cals
Ryvita Multi grain37 Cals per slice331 cals
Spaghetti (boiled)303 cals (300g)101 cals

Portion sizes will vary depending on the type and make of product purchased. Portion size is very often a subjective view and may again vary according to bowl, cup or plate size used.
Some values may not be accurate and should only be used for general comparison purposes.