Calories burned in 1 hour

Actual calories burned will vary by gender, weight, intensity, and time.  While this chart may give you a rough idea of calories burned, your focus should be on getting regular physical activity and consuming healthy foods, versus just tracking calories in and out. 

Calories Burned. Exercise

Exercise & Calories Burned per Hour130 lbs155 lbs180 lbs
205 lbs
Aerobics, general384457531605
Aerobics, high impact413493572651
Aerobics, low impact295352409465
Aerobics, step aerobics502598695791
Backpacking, Hiking with pack413493572651
Bagging grass, leaves236281327372
Bakery, light effort148176204233
Ballet, twist, jazz, tap266317368419
Ballroom dancing, fast325387449512
Ballroom dancing, slow177211245279
Basketball game, competitive472563654745
Basketball, playing, non game354422490558
Basketball, shooting baskets266317368419
Basketball, wheelchair384457531605
Bathing dog207246286326
Boating, power, speed boat148176204233
Boxing, in ring7088449811117
Boxing, punching bag354422490558
Boxing, sparring531633735838
Calisthenics, light, pushups, situps...207246286326
Calisthenics, fast, pushups, situps...472563654745
Canoeing, camping trip236281327372
Canoeing, rowing, light177211245279
Canoeing, rowing, moderate413493572651
Canoeing, rowing, vigorous7088449811117
Carpentry, general207246286326
Carrying 16 to 24 lbs, upstairs354422490558
Carrying 25 to 49 lbs, upstairs472563654745
Carrying infant, level ground207246286326
Carrying infant, upstairs295352409465
Carrying moderate loads upstairs472563654745
Carrying small children177211245279
Children's games, hopscotch...295352409465
Circuit training, minimal rest472563654745
Cleaning gutters295352409465
Cleaning, dusting148176204233
Climbing hills, carrying up to 9 lbs413493572651
Climbing hills, carrying 10 to 20 lb443528613698
Climbing hills, carrying 21 to 42 lb472563654745
Climbing hills, carrying over 42 lb531633735838
Coaching: football,basketball,soccer236281327372
Coal mining, general354422490558
Construction, exterior, remodeling325387449512
Crew, sculling, rowing, competition7088449811117
Cricket (batting, bowling)295352409465
Cross country snow skiing, slow413493572651
Cross country skiing, moderate472563654745
Cross country skiing, racing82698511441303
Cross country skiing, uphill974116113481536
Cross country skiing, vigorous531633735838
Cycling, >20mph, racing944112613081489
Cycling, 10-11.9mph, light354422490558
Cycling, 12-13.9mph, moderate472563654745
Cycling, mountain bike, bmx502598695791

Exercise & Calories Burned per Hour
130 lbs155 lbs180 lbs205 lbs
Darts (wall or lawn)148176204233
Diving, springboard or platform177211245279
Downhill snow skiing, moderate354422490558
Downhill snow skiing, racing472563654745
Electrical work, plumbing207246286326
Farming, baling hay, cleaning barn472563654745
Farming, chasing cattle on horseback236281327372
Farming, feeding horses or cattle266317368419
Farming, feeding small animals236281327372
Farming, grooming animals354422490558
Fire fighter, climbing ladder, full gear6497748991024
Fire fighter, hauling hoses on ground472563654745
Fishing from boat, sitting148176204233
Fishing from riverbank, standing207246286326
Fishing from riverbank, walking236281327372
Fishing in stream, in waders354422490558
Fishing, general177211245279
Fishing, ice fishing118141163186
Flying airplane (pilot)118141163186
Football or baseball, playing catch148176204233
Football, competitive531633735838
Football, touch, flag, general472563654745
Forestry, ax chopping, fast1003119613891582
Forestry, sawing by hand413493572651
Forestry, trimming trees531633735838
Frisbee playing, general177211245279
Frisbee, ultimate frisbee472563654745
Gardening, general236281327372
General cleaning207246286326
Golf, driving range177211245279
Golf, general266317368419
Golf, miniature golf177211245279
Hacky sack236281327372
Health club exercise325387449512
Hiking, cross country354422490558
Horesback riding, saddling horse207246286326
Horse grooming354422490558
Horse racing, galloping472563654745
Horse racing, trotting384457531605
Horse racing, walking153183212242
Housework, light148176204233
Housework, moderate207246286326
Housework, vigorous236281327372
Hunting, general295352409465
Ice skating, average speed413493572651
Instructing aerobic class 354422490558
Jai alai7088449811117
Judo, karate, jujitsu, martial arts590704817931
Jumping rope, moderate590704817931
Kick boxing590704817931
Loading, unloading car177211245279
Machine tooling, tapping, drilling236281327372
Marching band, playing instrument236281327372
Masonry, concrete413493572651
Masseur, masseuse, standing236281327372
Moving heavy objects, moving van443528613698
Music, playing guitar177211245279
Paddle boat236281327372
Playing pool, billiards
Pistol shooting
Pushing stroller, walking with children148176204233
Race walking384457531605
Riding motorcyle148176204233
Rock climbing, mountain climbing472563654745
Roller skating413491572651
Rowing machine, moderate413493572651
Running, general472563654745
Running, stairs, up885105612261396
Sailing, competition295352409465
Sit, playing with animals, light148176204233
Sitting, light office work89106123140