What is dietary fiber and why is it important?

Dietary fiber is the part of a plant which is not digested by the stomach or small intestine.  Rather, it arrives unchanged in the colon.  There, it does two things: It provides bulk or roughage and thereby helps promote regularity.  Far more important, many of these fibers are a food and nourishment source for the myriad numbers of bacteria that normally reside in the colon.  Continue reading →

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Foods high in dietary fiber

A high fiber diet contains foods that have a lot of fiber. Fiber is the part of fruits, vegetables, and grains that is not broken down by your body. A high fiber diet will add bulk and softness to your bowel movements. This diet whith foods high in dietary fiber may help if you have constipation, high cholesterol, or diabetes. Your caregiver may want you to eat more fiber if you have diverticulosis or irritable bowel syndrome.

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Does fiber cause gas?

Everyone has intestinal gas and that is a good thing.  The normal amount of flatus passed each day depends on sex and what is eaten.  When the bacteria that make intestinal gases are growing it also means that other good bacteria are using the same fibers to grow and produce multiple health benefits, including the production of healthy short-chain fatty acids.  Continue reading →

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Foods to eat while pregnant and breastfeeding

The four food groups: advice on servings and nutrients for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Table gives a description of each food group, advice on the recommended number of servings from each food group, serving sizes for each food group, and a broad indication of the main nutrients supplied by each food group. Not all of the foods within each group will contain all these nutrients. Continue reading →

Constipation while pregnant. How to solve the problem with dietary fiber

Dietary fiber is found in all plant materials. An adequate intake of dietary fiber is essential for proper gut function and regular laxation, and may also be related to reduced risk for a number of diseases, including heart disease, certain cancers and diabetes. The definition used for the AI is that dietary fibre includes non-starch polysaccharides (NSPs), resistant starch and lignin (a non-carbohydrate). Continue reading →

Healthy meals for kids

It is very important to habituate kids to proper nutrition since childhood, thus, they grow up healthy and active. The body of a child should obtain various nutrients that can be found in foods. Healthy eating for children is a balanced menu containing all the essential for the child’s body from doctors’ point of view. Below, we publish Meal pattern for kids (Ages: from 1 up to 12 years), where you can see examples of a healthy daily diet for your child in accordance with his/her age.

Meal pattern for kids (Ages 1 through 12 years) Continue reading →

Foods to eat while breastfeeding

New mothers are often anxious about food stuffs they should eat while lactation. However, there is no reason to worry, as you can eat a big variety of food items.
The majority of food stuffs should not disturb your tot; however, they can influence your baby`s state. Moreover, there are food items, which you should sheer away. For instance, some kinds of fish. Each breastfeeding mother should be especially particular about what she eats in case of a colicky baby. Continue reading →

Foods high in potassium list

The most common foods recommended to replace potassium are oranges and bananas.  Many other foods are rich in potassium.  The average American diet contains 60-120 points of potassium per day.  If you are on blood pressure medication and your doctor tells you to eat potassium foods, a good rule of thumb to follow is to eat about 20 extra potassium points per day. The list contains the food value of potassium.  It would be a good idea to first study how much potassium you are eating each day. Continue reading →

Foods with high Glycemic Index

Glycemic index gives information concerning carbohydrate status of food stuffs. The BSL (blood sugar level) depends on it. Bring to notice that food stuffs, which have a high glycemic index, impact the BSL substantially. Alternatively, food stuffs with low glycemic index let know that your BSL will not be influenced much. Continue reading →

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Low Glycemic Index foods

It is important to realize that glycemic index is not the mere aspect, which you should take into account while selecting food stuffs for your menu. Moreover, the low glycemic index of a food item does not signify that it belongs to a healthy diet and you can afford it in a big quantity. Do not forget about vitamins, microelements and mineral substances. Continue reading →

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