fruitThe main questions, which the science about nutrition seeks to answer, must be imagined very clearly: what elements are required for your organism for development and recovery, what way is the best to receive them, and how you should cook food in order not to deprive it of substances useful and necessary for your organism, striving for external appeal.

Being essentially a beautifully designed machine, the human body transforms the food into necessary energy. We consume food similarly to the way cars consume gasoline. And similarly to cars, for normal operation of which one needs to replace rundown parts on time, the organism also constantly requires the new products, with the help of which it will be able to create new tissues and to cure sustained wounds.

Why does healthy food deserve so much attention? It is because only training is not sufficient for achievement of some results, for example, in weight loss. The thing is that for physical exercises, you spend about 5% of your time (4-5 hours a week) and you have meals several times a day. That is why, meals are the key factor in the issue of weight loss, a gain of muscle mass and health in general.

Whatever sport goal you set yourselves (muscles, weight reduction, etc.), in any case, you need to develop a scheme of correct meals (the clear scheme can be checked in an alphabet food directory with indication of nutritional value of each foodstuff). For effective (even short) trainings, nutrition is a fuel and the way of recovery and you cannot ignore this fact.

Probably everyone is familiar with the phrase: “You are what you eat”. Of course, it does not mean, if you eat mushrooms, you will become a mushroom, or if you feed with carrot, you will become of an orange color. Not a bit of it. The talk is exactly about neutrality of correct meals i.e. about the utility and composition of the food that you take. Healthy balanced nutrition raises the quality of life to the higher level.

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